Around Here


So, we all know this whole blogging thing is relatively fresh.  It isn’t NEW because way back when my son was a baby I blogged from time to time.  And then my blog slowly started to rot…and then it was past it’s rotting stage (like when the mold starts to physically grow new mold) and I just had to throw it in the trash.

This morning my family and I made our weekly walk around the farmers market.  I had this new blog on the brain, so I snapped a few pictures of our kids and then asked my husband to snap a few with me in them.  As I scrolled through them I found that I was picking myself apart.  A lot of “I look terrible in this one”, “that angle makes me look heavy”, or “where did those lines on my face come from?!”  It’s like I’m dealing with that mean girl from middle school again…only I’m her.

We are all victim of caring too much or being too sensitive.  I think ever since having my second baby I’ve been bashing myself.  Well because, you know hormones and all.  Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram.  They all make us feel inadequate in every way.  You can never be skinny enough.  You can never be rich enough.  You can never be that GREAT, engaged, and present of a mom.

I found comparison the main subject of each picture I scrolled through.  Nothing felt “good enough.”  SCREW THAT!

Today I just had to say, “Get over yourself.  You’re human and no ones perfect.  Live your life!”

So cheers to not taking yourself too seriously!  Now go eat that donut and hustle hard.

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