A Cesarean Birth Story

As I am developing my blog, I’m going to be sharing some older sessions with you.

Ever since having my own children, I have dreamed of working within the birthing community.  It’s such an empowering experience to witness, no matter what type of birth is taking place.

I had never been a part of a cesarean before and it’s nothing short of miraculous.  The bravery, the fear, the anticipation.  This baby girl weighed just shy of 10 LBS!  TEN!!!  My babies were both under 7 so seeing this little one when she came out was amazing.  The cheeks and the rolls were to die for.  This mama had a scheduled c-section but her water broke before her due date and labor progressed relatively quickly, so off to the OR she went.  She was a warrior!  So enjoy this beautiful moment for all it is.








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