We’re Moving To…

We’re Moving To…

That’s right! PCS (Permanent Change of Station) season is upon a lot of military families and this year, we happen to be one of them.  Our family has been stationed at Offutt in Omaha, NE for just shy of 3 years and now we are headed to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV.

I’ll be honest.  When my husband first approached me with the job and location I was NOT excited.  There may have been a few tears on my end (this is not surprising, I cry about everything).  Whenever someone had previously asked me where I wanted to go next, I followed with,

“Anywhere but Vegas or Minot (North Dakota)”.

So it took A LOT of getting used to.

We made a trip out at the beginning of June to “house hunt”.  Each move we have the struggle of choosing to buy or rent.  We came out on top here in NE, because the housing market was climbing and we had made just enough upgrades to make us a decent amount of change.  We ultimately decided to rent in LV due to their housing market.  They’re housing market is HOT and people are often getting into bidding wars, paying upwards of 10k over asking price, and agreeing to pay over appraisal.  That wasn’t a headache I was ready to take on.

We found a rental in the far northwest corner of the city, with a neighborhood pool, and actual grass in the backyard for our pooch.  It’s school has a good rating which was most important to us, because we will likely be there for around 3 years and H starts Kindergarten this year (insert ugly cry face).

We’re excited now!  I’ll get boutique type fitness studios, people who know how to do hair, and a tan year round.  I’ll have a Trader Joes and a Whole Foods.  Some of you are rolling your eyes…but if you haven’t lived without any of those things, you aren’t allowed to judge me.  I’m genuinely saying that too.  I’m looking forward to a warm winter, to some Golden Knights hockey, to REALLY great date nights, and showing my kids the culture of yet another city!

Plus…the shopping you guys!

We will officially be Vegas residents the first week in August.  We’re also choosing the most chaotic and crazy moving option known as a DItY (Do It Yourself Move)…again.  The military will move you themselves, but you have an opportunity to make some $$ if you do it yourself.  We have ordered a few sets of PODS which will arrive here on Wednesday.  I’m starting to freak out.

I will eventually provide you with a blog post on DItY move tips/tricks.  Our first move we rented a Penske truck so I’ll have a decent knowledge on the most cost effective and least headache inducing options.  Wish us luck.

So, if you’re family, and you need our new address send me an email!  I’ll shuffle it your way.