A Cesarean Birth Story

A Cesarean Birth Story

As I am developing my blog, I’m going to be sharing some older sessions with you.

Ever since having my own children, I have dreamed of working within the birthing community.  It’s such an empowering experience to witness, no matter what type of birth is taking place.

I had never been a part of a cesarean before and it’s nothing short of miraculous.  The bravery, the fear, the anticipation.  This baby girl weighed just shy of 10 LBS!  TEN!!!  My babies were both under 7 so seeing this little one when she came out was amazing.  The cheeks and the rolls were to die for.  This mama had a scheduled c-section but her water broke before her due date and labor progressed relatively quickly, so off to the OR she went.  She was a warrior!  So enjoy this beautiful moment for all it is.









As some of my Facebook followers know, I was ghosted by a local birthing business I was working with.  I was being paid to take weekly pictures of local moms during their pregnancy.  I sensed something was getting fishy toward the end and should have listened to my gut but I LOVED seeing all the moms each week.  I loved watching their bellies grow and eventually meeting their adorable bundles that I had been capturing from the outside.  2 sessions had gone by without hearing from the owners.  I tried e-mailing them and texting them to no response.  It was clear that my time with them had ended and sadly the weekly pictures had ended for all the other moms as well.  HOWEVER…ONE mom had my number.  She had passed it onto this little family and I’m so glad that she did!  I got to meet another baby I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of.


She was such a sweet and content baby during my entire stay.  Always stopping for a snack with mom, which brought me right back to being the mom of a newborn.


I also love hearing about all the different birth stories.  It’s such an INTENSE experience and everyone’s is so different.  So I loved hearing about Penelope’s journey into the world.  Her mom wasn’t expecting to be admitted that day, but she was!  SURPRISE!  It’s so crazy to think you go into the hospital and leave with a little life.

Penelope (and her parents) were lucky to have the grandparents around for a quick stay. Family is a lifesaver when it comes to learning the adjustments of parenthood.  Whether it’s taking the baby so you can sleep for even 15 minutes or doing a load of laundry so you can tend to her needs.  She was truly surrounded by so many people that already loved her.

Penelope, you have two hard working and incredible parents to guide you through this crazy life.


Dad’s face just makes me melt in this picture.


Welcome to the world sweet girl.