A Winter Wonder-wedding

A Winter Wonder-wedding

This past November, I had the absolute privilege of photographing my youngest sister’s friends wedding.  I had never shot a wedding as the main photographer before, so the fact that Jordan trusted me meant a lot.

As the week approached, I began watching the weather to get an idea of what to expect for her big day.  Snow…lots of white, fluffy, and COLD snow.  I won’t lie.  The snow made me nervous!  Some previously planned poses went out the window, the time frame in which people were willing to stand outside was drastically shortened, and I didn’t know how my gear would hold up.  In the end, everything went perfectly.  Nobody lost any toes, we got the shots we needed, and it turned out more beautifully than I could have imagined.

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Big THANK YOU to my sister, Alyssa, who helped as a second shooter the entire day.  For someone who hasn’t worked with a camera often…she totally killed it!

I’ll be shooting another wedding in October of this year!  So I’ll start looking forward to that.  If you know anyone in the Vegas/Denver area that’s looking for a bit of a novice wedding photographer, send them my way!

It is time I start advertising my services here in Vegas anyways.

Tuesday Truth l 02

Tuesday Truth l 02

Truth is…

Lately, a temporary, but delicious fix for all of my problems has been a Diet Dr. Pepper from Chick Fil A.

I need to learn to say “no” and listen to my intuition.

Sometimes I start watching a video on Facebook.  All of a sudden 3 hours, 234 videos, and 393847 tears are shed.  Military homecomings, pregnancy announcements, saved animals, funny things kids say…all the feels!

I found my group of fun, one-too-many margaritas type of girls and we took the Blackstone District by storm last weekend.

Now two of us are moving within the month…naturally.  What gives universe?!

I tried on a pair of shorts that were called “mom” shorts at UO this weekend.  I was offended for mothers everywhere.  There was enough room for a fanny pack in that FUPA area…we had babies…we aren’t trying to smuggle one in the front area of our shorts…

My kids are pushing every last button these last few days…and their dad is away for work.

I’ll be spending most of the weekend surfing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale web.  Send me all the good deals you Insta influensters!  Also, ya’ll better not be getting all that shizzz fo’ free!!!  If you are, I’m doing something wrong with my life.  Teach me your ways.



Also, I’m thinking of making a blog post about fashion finds every other week (because mama ain’t rich).  Here’s a top I bought this week at UO.  Under $50 which is a STEAL!  Lightweight and comfy.  Tie front.  Long sleeve or roll ’em up!



Yep, that’s a scrunchy on my wrist…I’ve hopped on board.