A Winter Wonder-wedding

A Winter Wonder-wedding

This past November, I had the absolute privilege of photographing my youngest sister’s friends wedding.  I had never shot a wedding as the main photographer before, so the fact that Jordan trusted me meant a lot.

As the week approached, I began watching the weather to get an idea of what to expect for her big day.  Snow…lots of white, fluffy, and COLD snow.  I won’t lie.  The snow made me nervous!  Some previously planned poses went out the window, the time frame in which people were willing to stand outside was drastically shortened, and I didn’t know how my gear would hold up.  In the end, everything went perfectly.  Nobody lost any toes, we got the shots we needed, and it turned out more beautifully than I could have imagined.

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Big THANK YOU to my sister, Alyssa, who helped as a second shooter the entire day.  For someone who hasn’t worked with a camera often…she totally killed it!

I’ll be shooting another wedding in October of this year!  So I’ll start looking forward to that.  If you know anyone in the Vegas/Denver area that’s looking for a bit of a novice wedding photographer, send them my way!

It is time I start advertising my services here in Vegas anyways.